Basics & Detail Engineering

  • Basic Engineering Package Presentation for Process Plants, Utilities and Offsite.
  • Development of P&I Diagram and
  • Instrumentation Process Design.
  • Conceptual Plant Layout Development

Process Design

  • Development of Conceptual Design of the Plant Based on Process Licensor Technology, Data from Laboratory, Pilot Plant or Operating Plant.
  • Design of Columns, Heat Exchanger and Reactors etc..
  • Process Flow Diagram based on Material Balance & Energy Balance
  • Up gradation and finalization of P & I Diagrams & Line List
  • Pipe Size & Pressure Drop Calculations
  • Basic Equipment Layout
  • Process Data sheets for Static & Rotary Equipment
  • Thermal Design & Rating of Heat Exchanger


  • Detail Engineering Datasheet Preparation
  • Preparation of mechanical data sheet for all static equipment such as vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, distillation columns etc.
  • Mechanical Design for Static Equipment as per ASME, BS, IS, TEMA Codes using PVElite Software.
  • Mechanical Design for Storage Tanks as per API, BS, IS Codes.
  • Preparation of GA & fabrication drawings.
  • Pump selection and specification sheet preparation


  • 3d modeling using PDMS
  • Development of Equipment Layout / plot plan
  • Piping layouts
  • Isometric drawings for pipes
  • MTO for Piping
  • Civil Scope Drawings for Civil and Structural Engineering Design
  • Piping supports layout with details and BOM
  • Preparation of specification & schedule of Erection for piping and Equipment
  • Insulation and Painting Schedule
  • As Built Drawings


  • Single Line Diagram
  • Electrical Equipment- Sizing & Selection
  • Lighting Design
  • System Studies
  • Specification for MCC & PCC
  • Earthing and Lightening Layouts
  • Cable Sizing and Layout
  • Procurement Assistance


  • Instrumentation Index
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Control System ( DCS / PLC ) Specification
  • Installation Drawings
  • Cable Sizing and Cable Layout
  • Bill of Materials Development